Leather Moon


We drive by the graveyard every day

in slushed momentum. Light refracts through the cracked sunroof


to imitate a moon’s crater over the grey leather of the sedan.


No man walked on the moon, maybe, you say.


I close my eyes in response because I can’t

find a reason to argue.


Maybe no man has walked on the moon,

but slathered within my


consciousness by wires of connections, neurons and synapses,


I can say that I often linger there.


- Gavin Doyle


Two childhood friends, Gavin and Julia have brought together their individual forms of self expression to make one heartfelt piece of art. 


Hand Painted


Size L (men's), Size XL (women's)

22" armpit to armpit



Gavin Doyle x Cowabunga top #2