"Down at the office all day and there all night, too, in my mind sometimes, but from my chair I can watch the sunrise, and I imagine baby pink flowers growing against an ever-present indigo that could swallow us, because maybe we don’t know that indigo skies are deadly, and I think of the way you think so hard about things, so hard that your brain is possibly even kinked now, but I hope one day it hits you how special you are, how this life should have given us less time in cubicles and more time contemplating octopus parts and the chemistry of liveness, of sensory information, of being in a drawn out state of suspension, realizing there really is no destination, and then I am drawn back to the crimson rays languidly shedding over the clouds, as if there is just too much light, so much that it can just arbitrarily glaze over us as we push forward." - Gavin Doyle


Two childhood friends, Gavin and Julia have brought together their individual forms of self expression to make one heartfelt piece of art. 


Hand painted


Labeled Size M (mens)/ Size L (womens), but I think it looks like mens L, women's XL

22" armpit to armpit

Gavin Doyle x Cowabunga top #1