There, there’s nothing


i became a daily haunt

with a baggy coat

and overgrown skin

which hangs

        just slightly




biology sometimes sags

cells decline

to earth.


i lay in this overgrown hunk of tree

just to hum for a long time.

when i was a ghost before


 and you thought i was a little girl

because ghosts always are or soldiers

  but i was just me

grown into grains,

i just wanted everyone to relax.

i was milk poured into

cereal, stirred, and sitting until

warmed by the room,

sucked by a man

who’s mean to a child.


- Gavin Doyle


Two childhood friends, Gavin and Julia have brought together their individual forms of self expression to make one heartfelt piece of art. 




32" waist, 30" inseam

Gavin Doyle x Cowabunga Pant #2