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Ways to RENEW

Welcome to the blog! To kick things off, we thought it would be helpful to give a list of some of the ways you can renew your clothing, and how to use these techniques!

1. Heming/cropping Maybe you have a shirt with a nice graphic or pattern but you’re just a bit bored of it. Try hemming or cropping it! Sleeves and the bottom or shirts can be brought up for a new look. You can cut it and leave a raw edge for a grungier look, hem it into a “baby tee” look, or you can even try doing a unique hem such as a lettuce hem to really spice up the shirt. ​

​2. ​Embroider You can use embroidery as a clever way to cover stains or to reinvent a piece of clothing. Embroidering (or hand stitching) is a great addition to a plain piece, or a fun way to pimp out graphics. This is a time consuming method however, so it best to only do small pieces or details. 

​3. ​Patches Patches are perfect if your piece of clothing has a hole (which is very common in old clothing). It is also a quick way to cover a smaller stain or just an option for detail. You can buy a patch and apply it, or make your own! 4. Painting Paint is prime for covering large surfaces. If you are looking to do a more casual big piece at a quicker pace painting is great! I have never tried using different types of paint; I just use fabric paint so I suggest using that.

Thanks for reading! This is just a quick intro into renewing! Want to know how to do something? Or want to know something about recycling garments? Leave a comment! 

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