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How to do a lettuce hem

Ever wonder how we do that cool ruffle on the bottom of our clothes? Well now you can learn how! A lettuce hem is a great way to funk up a shirt. If you're interested in learning, watch the tutorial below.

     A quick note: USUALLY lettuce hems are done on a serger machine, but because most people own sewing machines and not sergers, this tutorial will specifically be on how to do the hem on a regular machine. As well, this is not the prettiest and most sophisticated way to do a lettuce hem. There are cleaner more professional methods BUT this is to help the average joe spice up their tired old clothes so lets do it the easier way! 

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! If anything is unclear or you need extra guidance, leave a comment and we will help you out! 

If there is something you want to learn about when it comes to recycling and renewing clothes, let us know! We would love to assist you on your responsible fashion journey. 

Until next time, Cowabunga.

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